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As a construction worker, Luis Soares spends his days digging holes and carrying heavy pieces of pipe. In 2013, he carried something much heavier – the burden of esophageal cancer and the stress and fear that came with it.

“I’m strong now and I have a ton of energy, but back then I felt terrible,” says Soares, an active volunteer at his community centre. “I couldn’t swallow, I had terrible heartburn, and I had developed a bleeding ulcer.”

A series of scans confirmed the cancer. Soares was told that the only solution was surgery to remove his esophagus and raise his stomach.

“It was brutal news. My daughter Ashley was just four-years-old,” recalls Soares. “I asked what would happen without the surgery, and they said I could be gone in six months.”

And so, Soares was admitted for surgery. Confident in his HSC surgical team. Determined to play with Ashley again. Eager to celebrate his upcoming 25th anniversary with his wife, Lucy.

In the hospital, his fears were eased by caring hospital staff, and his days were brightened by the framed bedside picture of his smiling Ashley. The surgery was successful, but the recovery was uncomfortable. He even had to learn how to eat differently.

“It was a small price to pay for great health, freedom from cancer, and a lifetime with Lucy and Ashley,” says Soares. “Today, I feel great.”

Not only does Luis Soares feel great. He feels grateful. He is a frequent spokesperson for the HSC Foundation, happy to share his story and remind people that buying lottery tickets and making donations helps HSC deliver high-quality care.

“Because of community support, our brilliant doctors and nurses have the space and equipment they need to do their jobs,” says Soares. “I am lucky to be alive. I also feel lucky – and blessed – to live in a generous, compassionate community that cares deeply about health care.”

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