HSC Millionaire 2019: Back and Bigger Than Ever!

The countdown is on!!

From now until November 22, tickets for Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Foundation’s 2019 HSC Millionaire Lottery are available for purchase. This year’s lottery boasts over $2.18 million in prizes, as well as the HSC lottery’s largest cash prize ever at $1.2 million. Proceeds help support advancements in vital medical research, purchase state-of-the-art equipment, and enhance HSC Winnipeg facilities.

A redesigned home by Maric Renovations in Tuxedo is one of the six prize options we’ve got to entice you this year! The property at 426 Hosmer Boulevard is steps from Park Boulevard and Assiniboine Park. The package also includes 2019 Honda Passport Touring, or a $43,500 EQ3 furniture credit, or $50,000 cash.

“Your support changes lives, it saves lives” said Jonathon Lyon, president and CEO of the HSC Foundation, during the media launch at the start of the lottery.

“Because of you, we can make a profound impact on patient care at HSC. When you buy an HSC Millionaire Lottery ticket, you are helping us bring more life-saving technology, world-class programs, and important services to HSC. You’re also supporting innovative medical researchers as they find ways to provide tomorrow’s care today.”

Alongside that stunner of a home, there are 5 more grand prize options including the four homes shown below and a cash option of $1.2 million!!

If that’s not enough for you we’ve even got our Daily Cash Plus, which awards 64 winners over 31 days, and the 50/50 PLUS which can grow up to a maximum of $2 million!! That’s a potential $1 million to the winner, which is practically its own grand prize!

Don’t forget, we all need HSC and HSC needs you!

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We All Need HSC
and HSC Needs You!

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