Milt Stegall: “The real prize is helping someone out”

For 14 seasons, Milt Stegall sliced and diced through opposing defences as a member of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, en route to becoming one of the greatest players in CFL history and one of the greatest wide receivers the game has ever seen.

And for the fourth straight year, Milt is giving back to the community that cheered him on, and supporting the Manitobans he played for for so long – as the spokesperson for the 2019 HSC Millionaire Lottery, benefitting Health Sciences Centre Foundation.

“This community has done so much for me, almost half of my life has been spent here. I have many friends and loved ones who will need HSC at some point in their lives. One day you may too,” he said at the HSC Millionaire Lottery media launch in September. “We have to continue supporting HSC because it is such an important cause. We all need HSC and HSC needs us.

“Yes, of course, it’s exciting to win any of the incredible prizes, but it’s also rewarding to support health care in Manitoba.

“Either way you win. You are going to help someone by supporting this lottery.”

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