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VIDEO: A Message from Milt Stegall

The Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Foundation launched it’s 2018 Millionaire Lottery on Wednesday, introducing Manitobans to this year’s slew of impressive and dreamy Grand Prizes – including a beautiful ‘European Farmhouse’ in Winnipeg’s always-desirable River Heights neighbourhood.

There are thousands of prizes to win this year, including a Grand Prize draw worth over $1.43 million. And all proceeds go to HSC Foundation and support life-saving and life-changing care at Manitoba’s flagship hospital.


“It’s always good to come back to Winnipeg, Manitoba. This place has meant so much for me, done so much for me, and I feel this is the least I can do, by giving back,” said Milt Stegall, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers legend who returns as the Millionaire Lottery’s spokesperson for the third straight year.

“When you think about Health Sciences Centre, you think about a place that – we’ve all been affected indirectly or directly by someone who’s been at Health Sciences Centre. So whenever we can give back, whatever we can do – if it’s a penny, if it’s a million dollars, or if it’s your time – whatever you can do, if you’re helping someone that’s the least we all can do.”

HSC receives over 500,000 patients visits every year and over 6,000 babies are born at the hospital every year, said Jonathan Lyon, HSC Foundation President and CEO.

“There’s a big call and a demand for our services and for the resources that we get through things like the lottery,” said Lyon. “We’re really excited to offer this lottery and really encourage and ask all Manitobans to step up an support it, because we all are going to rely on the Health Sciences Centre at some point in our lives.

“There’s no question, it’s gonna happen that one of your loves ones is going to be at HSC.”

Stegall is already a hero to many Manitobans, after a Hall of Fame career built through 14 seasons with the Blue Bombers. And he continues to be a hero with the work he’s doing in the community – and the time and dedication he’s giving HSC.

“The fact that I can come back and give and help … Manitobans who need that help, that means a lot to me,” he said.

“You may not win (the lottery), but we’re all winning because we’re helping someone out.”

You can order your HSC Millionaire Lottery tickets online at

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