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Category ▲ Prize Ticket Name Town
Cars or Cash 2018 Toyota Tundra Double Cab SRS Plus ($48,694) OR 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV ($46,195) OR $38,000 Cash 16798 Keith Elfenbein Winnipeg, MB
Cars or Cash 2018 Jaguar F PACE Premium 25T ($61,900) OR 2018 Honda Pilot Touring ($55,167) OR $48,000 Cash 38037 Jagmohan Wadhawan Winnipeg, MB
All other main lottery prize winners will be posted on this website on December 7, 2018.
All prize winners will be advised in writing regarding their prize.
Grand Prize

Grand Prize option 1 – North River Heights Alair Home worth over $1.43 million OR Grand Prize option 2 – Charleswood Sterling Home worth over $1.38 million OR Grand Prize option 3 – Bridgwater Trails Maric Home worth over $1.38 million OR Grand Prize option 4 – Winnipeg Condo + Vancouver Island Ocean Cottage worth over $1.36 million OR Grand Prize option 5 – Skaha Hills, BC Wine Country Home worth over $1.3 million OR Grand Prize option 6 – $1,100,000 Cash

Name: Nancy Kelly
Ticket #: 13405
From: Winnipeg, MB

50/50 PLUS™


Name: Jennifer Oldfield
Ticket #: 647662
From: Winnipeg, MB

Fall Bonus

2018 Toyota C-HR XLE ($26,903 value) OR a 14 Day Trip to Apulit & El Nido Island, Philippines for Two (2) Adults ($30,000 value) OR a 12 Day Icelandic Tour for Four (4) Adults ($30,000 value) OR a $30,000 Travel Prize from Great Canadian Travel OR $24,000 Cash

Name: Dana Benne
Ticket #: 56778
From: Winnipeg, MB

Super Bonus

2018 Toyota Highlander LE AWD Convenience Package ($44,656 value) OR a 12 Day Tahiti Cruise & Resort Vacation for Four (4) Adults ($30,000 value) plus $10,000 Cash OR a 11 Day Scotland Cruise for Four (4) Adults ($40,000 value) OR a $40,000 Travel Prize from Great Canadian Travel OR $35,000 Cash

Name: John Friesen
Ticket #: 57390
From: Gillam, MB

Early Bird

2018 BMW 530e xDrive Sedan PHEV ($82,162 value) and 2018 BMW X4 M40i ($80,762 value) OR Maric Homes Renovations Credit ($150,000 value) OR Three years of $50,000 luxury trips for Two (2) Adults to Australia, Europe and an African Safari ($150,000 value) OR $150,000 Travel Prize from Great Canadian Travel OR $125,000 Cash

Name: Lynne Champagne
Ticket #: 43525
From: Winnipeg, MB

PLUS 25 Winners of $1,000 CASH Each!

Name: Rod Cockell
Ticket #: 8220
From: East St Paul, MB

Name: Teri Elliott
Ticket #: 23165
From: Grandview, MB

Name: Garry Anniuk
Ticket #: 39682
From: Matlock, MB

Name: Sandy Hastman
Ticket #: 6388
From: Lockport, MB

Name: Lolo Eckert
Ticket #: 60078
From: Winnipeg, MB

Name: James Marnoch
Ticket #: 36527
From: Carberry, MB

Name: Carol Bender
Ticket #: 11697
From: Beausejour, MB

Name: Nancy Laing
Ticket #: 14075
From: St Francois Xavier, MB

Name: Dennis Van Damme
Ticket #: 24425
From: Brandon, MB

Name: Stacey Rogers
Ticket #: 14057
From: St Francois Xavier, MB

Name: Allana Robinson
Ticket #: 26855
From: Headingley, MB

Name: Marjorie Kuryk
Ticket #: 55566
From: Winnipeg, MB

Name: Don Rose
Ticket #: 22272
From: Winnipeg, MB

Name: Samuel Nowicky
Ticket #: 54366
From: Winnipeg, MB

Name: Esther Cruz
Ticket #: 29500
From: Winnipeg, MB

Name: Crystal Cockerill
Ticket #: 23049
From: Lynn Lake, MB

Name: Neil Andrews
Ticket #: 59945
From: Winnipeg, MB

Name: Emily Friesen
Ticket #: 5234
From: Steinbach, MB

Name: Donald Readman
Ticket #: 59625
From: Winnipeg, MB

Name: Brenda Lange
Ticket #: 57453
From: Emerson, MB

Name: Bernard Pooley
Ticket #: 53620
From: Winnipeg, MB

Name: Sharon Pohl
Ticket #: 13310
From: Ste Rose Du Lac, MB

Name: Ray Larkin
Ticket #: 11324
From: Winnipeg, MB

Name: Tyler Hailstone
Ticket #: 27276
From: Winnipeg, MB

Name: Lesley Shepherd
Ticket #: 29075
From: La Salle, MB

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