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The Health Sciences Centre is Manitoba’s flagship hospital with specialized support for trauma, neurosciences, burn, and transplant patients.

The Health Sciences Centre Foundation raises money in order to improve the care and facilities at HSC Winnipeg for the loved ones in our community who need care at the hospital every day.

Your support enables the HSC Foundation to continue to help Manitoba families through world-class research, new cutting-edge technology, and training opportunities for medical teams at HSC.

  • One of largest, single health care facilities in Canada taking up over 4 million square feet on 32 acres.

  • Designated as the trauma centre for Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario and Nunavut.

  • The centre for neurosurgery, transplants, burns, and for most hospital-based pediatric care in Manitoba.

  • Nearly 8,000 staff and volunteers, including more than 6,000 medical staff and 800 dedicated volunteers.

  • Over 12,000-15,000 people pass through the halls on any given day.

  • More than 22,000 surgeries are performed each year. Entire facility – more than 383,000 outpatient/ambulatory visits annually.

  • Emergency services – more than 100,000 visits per year.

Healthcare in Manitoba is changing. What isn’t changing is that HSC is here for you. HSC is the backbone of the healthcare system and you can count on us when you need us the most. The HSC Millionaire Lottery provides important support for the hospital. By buying a ticket you are helping to save lives. We need your help now, more than ever!

Danika’s Story

On Thanksgiving weekend five years ago, an ambulance rushed 12-year-old Danika Carriere to Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg. She was unconscious and in critical condition. She was in a serious car accident, and sustained multiple fractures and injuries, including severe traumatic brain injury.

HSC’s emergency team went straight to work. They put Danika into a medically induced coma to reduce the swelling in her brain. Medical tests showed numerous parts of her brain were already effected. Even if she survived, Danika could end up in a permanent vegetative state.

The staff at HSC did everything possible to ensure her parents, Alain and Barbie, were included with every aspect of Danika’s care and treatment.

“The team at HSC was incredibly supportive, caring, and compassionate,” they say.

Nine days later, Danika needed brain surgery. Her chances of survival were low. And if she survived, she could be left with permanent deficits.

But the surgery was a success. When Danika woke up from her coma, her parents were overjoyed. For days, she was disorientated as she was weaned off the tubes, medication, and machines that once kept her alive. With incredible rehabilitation support at HSC, Danika soon came to recognize her parents, and process things better. She slowly learned to eat, walk, and talk again. Danika came home for Christmas, where she would continue receiving HSC’s support.

Danika and her family recently celebrated five years of progress in Danika’s recovery. With resilience and determination, she recently graduated from high school with her friends.

Thank you to everyone who supports health care in Manitoba – you make incredible stories like Danika’s possible.

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